MacGregor Hollow Farm

Angora Goats and Mohair

Fiber Arts with Mohair at Macgregor Hollow Farm

Fiber Arts at MacGregor Hollow

I use my mohair as the base for all of my fiber arts.
Roving: Many rovings are now processed here at the farm with my Pat Green Exotica Cottage Carder, some are carded by a local mill.
Mohair Fleeces: Grown by my goats, these fleeces are beautiful. Many are washed and ready for your projects.
Handspun Yarn and Millspun Yarn: All of my yarns are "Farm Yarn." They are made with my mohair as the base and may have wool or other fibers from local farms blended in. These yarns are precious and unique. They are either handspun by me or custom spun for me by small cottage mills, most right here in Michigan. Like fine wine, my yarns are limited in production and vary some from year to year.
Maisie Yarn —— Highlander Yarn —- Ayrshire Yarn

Mohair is a beautiful, lustrous fiber. Mohair takes dye brilliantly and is known for it's warmth and durability.

Each of my goats fleeces are evaluated and used for items that best utilizes the type of mohair. Style is the twists or ringlets in mohair and determines the size of the locks. Character is the crimp and waves and determines the amount of curl in the locks. The mix of the two in a fleece creates the type of lock structure.

For the yarn that I lock and tail spin, I prefer a finer fleece and somewhat tighter locks with more curl to allow for the wonderful curls and whisps that make these yarns so unique. The fleeces that have wider and more open locks are perfect for my roving. I use a super glide picker and my Pat Green carder to make my roving.

Angora goat