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Angora Goats for sale in Michigan at Macgregor Hollow

Goats for Sale

We breed for quality goats with beautiful fleeces and strong conformation. We like to focus on a fine fleece and tighter curls with lots of shine and luster. A structurally correct body is very important too. We have animals in both the red, brown, black pool and in the black/pattern pool. We have done quite a bit of crossing of the pools and have many goats that will produce color with both pools.

We keep our herd small and manageable for us. We have a small number of animals and sometimes kids available each year. We are located just outside of Ann Arbor, in Southeastern Michigan. we like to sell goats in groups and will discount a bit for purchases of multiple animals.

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Thank you to our buyers for giving our little cuties good homes!

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Dam: MGH Bronwyn Sire: PTF 1323

Mara is a pretty red doe. She has a medium curl to her fleece. She has twinned with each of her kidding. She has nice conformation.

$300 or $500 with her daughter below

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Dam: MGH Mara Sire: PTF 1323

Marna is a pretty red doe. She has a tight to medium curl to her fleece. She is a color carrier with a red dam and a gray and white pinto sire.

$300 or $500 with her dam above

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Dam: MGH Jessica Sire: PTF 1323

Jenna has a nice tight curl to her fleece. Her dam is a very fine AAGBA white doe and her sire is my gray and white pinto buck. She has good coverage and conformation and a mohair tail.



White angora buckling

2017 Dam: MGH Jessica Sire: PTF 1323

Jameson is a handsome white, color carrier buckling. His fleece has nice curls and is very soft! His horns are looking well spaced and very correct. He has great coverage and a strong conformation, just beautiful.



No wethers available right now


Buyer to pay for requested testing, health certificate fees, and transport. Transport to shows by us is free. Deposits to hold animals are non-refundable if the sale is canceled by the buyer.
Animals will be up to date on CD/T shots and deworming before leaving our farm.


"Raising Angora Goats for Beautiful Mohair" by Sharon Chestnutt. We highly recommend her book. It is available from her
"Angora Goats the Northern Way" by Sue Drummond is also a good book.
Fiasco Farm has lots of good goat information on their website.

Herd Health

Herd health is important to us. We keep a semi-closed herd. On the rare occasions that new animals are brought in, they are quarantined and health tested and treated before being put in with the herd. We use a combination of natural and traditional management techniques in the care of our animals.

"If the goat had a longer tail, he could wipe the stars clean"
Czech Proverb

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